Electrical ?


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Electrical ?

I have a 1995 chev. Blazer with 55,000 miles on it with the V 6 vortex engine. At about 7pm it was fine, at around 9pm my wife went out side and the parking lights on it were on. She went to shut them off thinking I left them on but the switch was in the off position and the smell of wire insulation burning was in the car. I immediatly disconnected the battery. A little while later I reconnected it and the parking lights were out and it started ok. What could of happened to it while it was just sitting there? One of the neighbors said he heard that some blazers had a history of burning.
What are your thoughts? Thanks.
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If your neighbor's "heard" something, then you should call your nearest Chevy dealer and ask THEM about any issues. They'll know for sure if it was something that was addressed by a factory recall or other common issue.

Other than that, hopefully someone else here might have some experience.
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Nothing here http://www-odi.nhtsa.dot.gov/cars/pr...aintsearch.cfm but you can also search complaints on their site also i believe.

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