94 Chevy 1500 4X4 w/t electrical problem -- 9 volt drop


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Exclamation 94 Chevy 1500 4X4 w/t electrical problem -- 9 volt drop

When the key is turned to the on/run position voltage drops down to 3 volts, gauges twitch, and the you can hear the door locks click. Also the check engine light flashes alternately with the battery light. If the key is turned to start the starter clicks once.
I put a 2/10 amp battery charger on which brought the voltage to almost 15, but still had a 9 volt drop when the key was turned.
I tried a different battery,alternator, cleaned all the grounds, will be checking the connections for the starter today.
This truck needs to be sold immediately, so any help would be very much appreciated
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Sounds like you have a BAD short in the wiring somewhere. Starter is a good place to start.
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Or A Bad Batt, Make Sure The Connections Are Clean And Tight
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set up the condition you are describing and start pulling fuses. start with the door locks if possible
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9 volt drop huh. To use that much power, at the turn of the key, you would be drawing so many amps that something would want to catch on fire. With a good battery, you would be seeing smoke. Definately start by testing the battery, and be sure the battery is not installed reversed polarity.

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