nissan pathfinder problems


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nissan pathfinder problems

My aunt has a 1994 nissan pathfinder that stalls intermittantly. The vehicle will be cruising along and suddenly it will stall out sometimes recovering and sometimes not causing a waiting period till it recovers. Anyone out there have any idea where I could start checking up on this problem???
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Waiting period? Wonder what that means? I would check for shorts. See if you can recreate the problem with hard braking on a downhill stop, and on a very bumpy road, on a right and left curve, etc. Wiggle every wire you see.
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By stalling do you mean when at a light idling it will die or will it do it when driving at speed.

If it is at idle I would recommend checking the ground wire for the Airflow sensor in the engine compartment. It is between the air cleaner and the engine. It has 3 wires. Usually the middle wire gets a ground signal from the ECU but over time this wire goes bad. If you connect a DVOM between the wire and ground set on DCV you should see roughly 0.05V. When is goes bad there is much higher voltage drop. The fix is easy, splice a new wire into the wire at the sensor and run it to engine ground (there is a ground bolt near the front of the intake manifold on the center to RHS of the engine). This is the ground bolt that the fuel injection system uses and works excellent. I have had many pathfinders towed in for not running at idle or just a complaint of very poor idle and this has returned them to like new. It may not be the case in your case but it is a common problem that you may want to start with.

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