Possible Electrical Problem


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Red face Possible Electrical Problem

I am having a serious problem with a 2002 hyuandi sonata. I believe there may be an electrical short in the dash. Ever since i got it I have had prbles with the cd player nottaking the cd's and if i hit the dash it would work. So then the problem increased to the clock blinking and now i was coming home with it one night and the car just shut off with me and wouldnt start again until I let it set for about 20 minutes then it would start, run for a couple minues and shut back off again. So I got it home and went to adjust the heater and as soon as I hit the buttons the car shut off again, think it may have something to do with a short. The check engine light has been on for quite some time but I have taken it to 3 garages and they can not find the problem. If you know what it might be I would appreciate the help. I know it's a complicated problem. Thank You
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Any shop can pull codes and tell you why the engine light is on.

Otherwise, has your cd-player been recently installed as an aftermarket product? Anyone been under the dash lately doing any work?
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yeah i took it to a couple garages they all give me a different answer and so i pay them money to fix what they hink it is and it keeps getting worse. but anyways the cd player is all factory adn i bought the car used so who knows what they did to it before i got it.

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