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I replaced the exhaust system on my '94 Mitsubishi Expo. My problem now is that although the car runs well if I drive slowly, when I accellerate it does not take off. The response of the motor to my accellerating is slow and sort of sputtering. I would like that as I accellerate the engine responds. For example, while driving along and I want to overtake someone or change lanes, I accellerate but the car is slow to respond. I can get it up to full power by flooring it but not so smoothly. It's a rather old car and is this something I will have to live with or can it be that there is something wrong? I recently changed the spark plugs.

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I would pull the plugs ,re check the gap in the plug and the aplication.Also check all your spark plug wires for arching ,tracks...would show up as white spots on the wire ,looks like lightning hit it.
The exhuast is a possible source of problem ,if you removed the cat (big nono) and went to a large diameter pipe , you will have lost too much "back pressure" in the exhuast and the o2's won't get an acuarate reading....i.e leaning out the engine.

Hope this helps.
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Thanks for that. I was thinking about the plugs, as I bought them from a big chain and the kid picked them out for me after looking in the catalog, sort of thought it a coincidence that they would have the right plug for my vehicle. Don't own a feeler guage but I was thinking to return to the guy that r/r'd the exhaust and see what he says. The exhaust was a new stock model so I don't see any trouble there.

Also, while I am driving and feeling out the acceleration or lack of, I notice that when I floor it it takes a while to kick in and there is some popping going on, not like before I replaced the broken exhaust but definitely some backfiring, though nothing real loud or big.

Another thing I have noticed is that in the morning the car needs to warm up for a long time and it shudders while idling. When it shudders I noticed that the lights on the clock and the compass on the dash dim with the shuddering.

Thanks again.

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Dialed in, no charge!

Yep, they said I put the wrong plugs in and that I may want to change the leads if I have any more trouble. They replaced the plugs and gave me the ones I had just put in for no charge.
Something to be said for a car maker that was caught with their pants down, no?
Thanks again for your kindness in answering my querry. Much appreciation.


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