Astro van coolant leak


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Astro van coolant leak

I have a 97 astro van. It has developed a gradual coolant leak. It is now to the point that it leaks out as i fill the radiator. It is not leaking at the hoses or water pump. I replaced the water pump last summer. I dont know where it is leaking from, but it drips/runs from above where the transmission bolts to motor. The engine was not running when it leaked out. I have been told it could be heater core hose running from engine to core, but not sure where this is located. Any help would be appreciated.

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heater core's in the firewall most likely, ( and don't try a cheap fix such as stop leak adds, do more harm then good, unless your getting ready to get rid of it.) does this have the 4.3 or any other v6 maybe? they are prone to intake gasket leaks, new style gaskets seem to have doen away with it (maybe) check the oil for creamy color as well, as for hoses, look for a couple of hoses going to and from the firewall.

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