95 Olds cooling problem


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95 Olds cooling problem

1995 Olds Achieva 3.1L V6, 110,000 miles. Original symptoms are that there was no heat and the temp gauge was going into the red. On popping the hood, I noticed coolant leaking past the cap.

Had the thermostat replaced. Now have heat, but the temp gauge is swinging a lot - will creep into the red, then drop back to about the middle of the gauge. I can smell coolant when I started the car and stepped out of it and then again when I shut it off and got out, but not when inside the car. Popped the hood and saw that there appears to be coolant leaking from the cap again.


1 Should I get a new cap?
2 Is the new thermostat not performing correctly?
3 Is there something else wrong that I'm missing?

There does not appear to be any coolant leaking from the water pump. I bled the system and think the air is out.
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I would definitely replace the cap. Make certain that you get one with the correct P.S.I.. If the gauge starts into the red, but then settles - and stays - in the middle, the stat is probably okay. After replacing the cap, I would add coolant and re-bleed the system.
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First off, I know this sounds dumb, make sure that the radiator cap is secured tightly. If it is then replace it ($15 bucks). If that doesnt solve your problem you may want to check your water pump. Additionally, check your oil and make sure there is no white stuff in there, if thats the case then you've got a head gasket problem. Does your car smoke out the tailpipe at all?
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No offense taken at tightening the cap, but I already did it. Oil looks good. Haven't looked at the exhaust, but I will now - certainly not smoking to the extent that I see it through the rear view mirror.
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