95 Honda driver's side window slow

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95 Honda driver's side window slow

I have a 95 Honda Accord, automatic transmission. Car's in great shape. My only problem is this: every once in a while, the driver's side window goes up verrrrrrry slowly. It goes down just fine, every time. And sometimes it goes up just fine. But every once in a while, and it seems to be more often in the middle weather, during the spring and fall where it goes from cold to warm or vice versa, and especially after rain, the window almost seems to stick. It will go up about a quarter inch and then stop, even though I'm still holding the button. And then after about twenty seconds it will go up another quarter inch. And so on, until it gets a little over halfway closed, and then it rolls smoothly up the rest of the way.

I took it to a dealer, and they looked at it and said it wasn't something that could be fixed. Is that true? It's a livable problem, but if it CAN be fixed...

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Originally Posted by tjfoxtrot
will go up about a quarter inch and then stop, even though I'm still holding the button. And then after about twenty seconds it will go up another
If you are still holding the button after the window stops, you are probably causing the circuit breaker to trip. When it resets the window goes up some more, etc.

Next time, try grabbing the window and pull up on it before you press the button. If it goes up ok, it's probably binding. Contrary to popular belief, power windows do need maintanence after a while. The grease they original have dries out, cakes up or just get worn away. To service it, you'll need to pull the inner door panel.

It goes down ok because of the weight of the glass, power windows aren't counter sprung like a garage door, the motor has to lift the entire weight of the glass.
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getting old

Sounds like your window motor is getting old and weak.You might be able to help it with some lube.You will need to lube all piviot points inside door and anything that moves.
The next part will require silicone spray and can be done with the window down.
Spray the front and back channel the window rides on.Do not get on window because it will smudge.
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There are 2 possibilites. First is that your window regulator/motor assy has a cable that is fraying apart and will eventually fail or the second is that your window run channels are dry and dirty or even slightly out of place causing it to bind.

I would start by removing your door panel and making sure the rubber channels are engaged into the metal guides properly, if they are then I would lube them up with a quality non-petroleum lube such as syl-glide (silicone assy lube) petoeum greases can swell them rubber and ruin it. remeber to do both runs front and rear of the window. If the window now works flawlessly then it is fixed. If it doesn't then it is likely time for a new regulator assembly.

I have had extremely good luck doing the lubing of the run channel and checking it's installation first.
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I am 99% sure I know what is wrong.. ( since I worked on nothing but Honda's for 20+ years ) you need to lube your window guides/runs with silicone lube ( type in a spray can is best.. spray it in there until it runs out bottom of door..) or a similar type of lube.. WD-40 will work.. but will also streak your windows for a length of time.. but if you have some laying around.. you can try my way for free..!!!! ( WD-40 ) what has happened.. is dirt and debris has gotten in your window runs and that is what is slowing the window from going up.. I have seen this problem a million times.. OK.. so maybe not that many.. but you get the point..

best of luck..!!!! e-mail if unsure of how to spray into window guides/runs..

( BTW: sorry about spelling.. but I am in a huge hurry )


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