95` s10 pick-up 2.2lt. runs rich and rough


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95` s10 pick-up 2.2lt. runs rich and rough

I am working on a 95 s-10 2.2 lt. after sitting for two months, I started it and for no reason it ran like crap. It idles very rough and runs very rich. stong fuel odor from exaust. Check Engine lite on. Codes 108,121,300.335.
Also emmidiate catalytic conv. overheating(glowing red). removed and same problem. Please help.
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here's a list of trouble codes for the 95 ford.

Don't know if they are accurate or not cause your some of your codes aren't there but the TP is listed there... Makes sense.

Also, check your timing. Running rough and rich with overheating?
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Have you tried blowing out the EGR valve? I have a Jimmy that was giving me some of the same problems, eventually engine light came on and it was running hot. Then once this EGR valve was removed and the engine ran for a few minutes to blow out any carbons it ran fine....I was told by the mechanic Chevys and GMC's are known for this, and periodically it should be done. Second thought could be a sensor.
You could aways go into a garage, put on computer or ask them to define the codes that you have gotten.
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Leaking fuel regulator, stuck fuel injector.

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