faulty spark plug leads


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faulty spark plug leads

Dealer told me I put the wrong plugs in my car and that I should replace the leads. He said the previous owner never did. Would this account for my accelleration problems? It seemed to run a lot better right after they changed them but has been getting crappier. I intend to change them asap but was just hoping to get a word of encouragement from someone before I am able to.

Thanks in advance,
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You are talking about ignition wires - right? (I've never heard them called "leads"). If they have over 50K, then it wouldn't be a waste of money to replace them. I usually diagnose bad ignition wires by spraying water on them when it's dark out. With the engine running, the water really makes the sparks visible on bad wires.

Wrong plugs on an engine will make it run okay at first, but may result in poor long term performance for a variety of reasons.
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just a mist of water will do the trick. too much and you might crack your new plugs(on a hot engine) also have it running while u do this. be safe!

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