79 Chevy Luv Won't Start


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Angry 79 Chevy Luv Won't Start

So I'm in a bit of a bind. My father and I have been working on a 79' Chevy Luv 1.8 Liter for about 6 weeks now rebuilding the top end. Everything went smoothly and came back together. Now it won't start. We've narrowed it down to there being no spark even coming from the coil, which we've replaced. We have replaced: The Resistor on the coil, The coil, all fuses in the fuse box, spark plugs, spark plug wires, and the battery. The distributor cap is in great condition, the heads are nice and shiney, and the rotor cap is in the same condition. Now when we start it the crank spins the fan and engine is turning over, and everything is lighting. It has gas going to the engine, the carborater is new and the primarys are opening as well as the secondarys are also opening and pushing gas into it, and the fuel filter is also new.
Is there a main engine fuse or something like that that we've missed? Can anyone help me please?

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Not real familiar with these old Luv trucks. But since you say there is no spark from the coil, make sure the wires are on correctly. If so, I would take a test light and verify there is power and ground to the coil. If either circuit is open, you would need to trace the wire 'till you found the problem. But hopefully, it is just a bad ground. You ought to do a search online for the wiring schematics on the ignition system for referrence.
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Luv Won`t Start

Sounds Like It Is Out Of Time. (180) If I Rember Right The Dist. Will Only Fit One Way.this Is What Happend To Me. Next Is It The Over Head Cam W/chain . Tensioner Is Very Touchy.MAKE SURE THE WIRES TO COIL ARE HOOKED RIGHT.
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i will try and check all of it.
we checked the timeing and everything are DEAD on.
i believe now it comes down to the wiring of it, so now we go through and check it all loads of fun coming up


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