How to diagnose ABS brakes?


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How to diagnose ABS brakes?

It's Mercury Cougar 1990 LS V6 auto. Three years ago the ABS pump had to be replaced. Now I got a hard pedal 2-3 times in the past couple of weeks. It's either hard from the start for a few minutes and then went away, or last time brake lights didn't go off and pedal became hard into a few minutes of driving. I looked to see if any vacuum hoses are visibly damaged and didn't see that they are. Car was parked for about four hours and when restarted everything was OK and lights went off within first minute just as they should. Now how can I figure this one out? I hope that it's something other that the ABS pump because that part alone is insanely expensive. I know that I can't be working on ABS sistem due to high pressure and special tools needed, but a simlpe vacuum hoses or valve I can do. Plus it wiil give me a chance to estimate how much money it'll cost to fix. Please, reply with some way to DIU diagnose.
Thanks all.
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hard pedal

check out the vacuum hose from the booster to the carb it should have a good suction in it to make the power brakes work.
it could be the booster too, usually sold rebuilt at local autoparts, with core exchange.

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