1989 Ford Mustang GT Conv


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Thumbs down 1989 Ford Mustang GT Conv

Rebuilt the engine with .030 over piston, 24lb injectors, new 110 fuel pump, 65mm throttle body, C&L 75mm mass air sensor w/cold air kit from BBK and K&N, 1.6 roller rockers, 2 1/2 in duals with cross, stock cam, 9mm wires and bosch platinum plugs, set the timing at 14 and fuel pressure is 38lbs w/vacuum, 45lb with no vacuum, at idle, bbk 1 5/8 equal length header, throttle body is set to .99, new O 2 sensors. The car idles perfect and backs up or forward at idle speed or 1500-2000 rpm. The problem comes when I accelerate and it wants to bog down. The Car used to want to backfire so I replaced the plugs, now it just bogs. I have not played with the timing yet or run diagnostics but there is not a "check engline light" at this time. If I release the pedal going down the road it goes perfect, try to accelerate and bog boy bog. Can anyone help?? Also is there a gasket on the AOD transmission where the torque convertor joins the shaft? I think I saw a leak so I may not have seated it properly. Thanks.
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If it still has Bosch Plats in there replace them with stockers
Five Ohs and Bosch Plats rarely play nice together

Same with aftermarket wires
Put some stockers, or at least FRPP on there
I've personally had no problems with Accel also

If that doesn't help, then before doing anything pull the codes
The EEC-IV can store many codes w/o lighting off the CEL
It also may not have any, but that in itself helps diagnose the problem

Be sure not to dis-connect the battery for any reason before pulling the codes

Is the C&L calibrated for 24#ers?
If you can't confirm that, you'll want to

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