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Front End

I have a 2002 jeep grand cherokee with 60,000 miles. When braking going
down hill I have a chatter in my steering. I believe this is due to a warpped
rotor. Now when I am doing fifty-five or sixty I get a severe chatter. At
first I thought I had a flat but when I slowed to pull over it stopped. This only happens at 55 or 60. I also have a rubber burning smell coming from the right front tire. I tried to remove the tires to look for a problem but even with
a four foot bar I can't break the lugs.I will have to take the jeep to a shop but before I do has anyone have a idea what might be the problem.Thank you in advance.
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Check out recalls and service bulletins. My son was interested in a jeep for the years 2001-2004. Jeep had many problems with brakes and front ends.
Obviously he stayed away from them.
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Thats crap!
Jeeps are SOLID vehicles and a worped rotor is nothing to get bent up over.
Put a good after market rotor on it and new pads.
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your best shot is to take to a place like sears where they do a complete diagnosis for about $ 15.00 and they'll ;et you know what's wrong and how much it will cost you.
it does sound like you may need to turn both front discs or put new ones depending on the wear they have, new brake pads, and front wheels balance.
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ugh Sears...I know I am opening up a can of worms. I use to go there in the 80's when they offered a lifetime wheel alignments for a fixed price. They have done nothing but attempt to "rip" me off. Telling me I needed a new front end and actually damaging parts after they worked on it. My reply to them..oh I need a new front end? Please write out an estimate for me since I just installed all those parts 3 months ago. Immediately after he wrote everything out and I said that to him, he tore up the estimate. Making a long story short and talking to a manager, all future alignments were obsereved w/ me next to the mechanic. I know that was extreme, but after 4 x's enough was enough. two cents. Rather take it to a local mehcanic, at least he knows you live in the neighborhood and words travels fast if he tries to "screw" you.
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sorry to hear that glasses...just for the record i've heard stories like that about midas and pepboys ( this one from an ex-employee ) but i usually go to
sears or ted wiens and they're both very honest so far, done a couple of repairs on my suburban's suspension and everything has been straightforward and clear, i've actually seen the new parts when i do my oil changes and or lube the chassis.
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Man..sorry bout my venting. Just hate when some try to rip you off. Once I found a honest mechanic regardless of local or chain, stick with them. Just getting too old to crawl under the car or waist my precious day(s) off...rather hit some golf balls now! LOL.
As for the OP- get some new rotors and install them yourself or have them recut..either way..have fun! I use to love doing this stuff, just no free time now :mask:
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make sure you torque the lugs to spec or you'll have the same problem again.

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