Ford Probe GT: lights dim when fan goes on, can't use heat without lights dimming.


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Ford Probe GT: lights dim when fan goes on, can't use heat without lights dimming.

Hey guys,

I have a 1994 Ford Probe GT with 137,000 miles that I use as a winter vehicle. The problem is I can't really use the heat without the car's fan kicking in. When the fan does kick in, the lights dim, the heat slows down, the radio becomes quieter and I'm scared of the car dying. Also, when the heat is on, the fan stays on most of the time, unless I'm going consistently 55+. As soon as I get off the highway the fan kicks on.

When I begin to accelerate again the lights brighten but the fan still stays on.

I just changed the battery perhaps a month ago and that didn't solve the problem. I should also mention whenever the fan goes on, the battery gauge goes almost to the red area.

I really don't want to throw too much cash into the car but the heat is a huge benefit for a winter car .

Thanks in advance!
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im not an expert in electrical systems but hope this will help :
start by checking the alternator's output, a good alt should be able to handle
all the extra load ..see if the voltage regulator is within the alt or as a separate unit ( in older cars is separate ), also the fan could be dragging and sucking too much power from your alternator.
the fan getting to work when you either turn on the heater or a/c should be normal.
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you can often get a free quickie electrical check at the local auto parts store. I just did this at my local Checker. I was pretty sure the alternator was gone, and his test confirmed it. I was surprised at how much his little handheld box actually did. I think it took all of 5 minutes for the test.

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