93 lumina


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93 lumina

I have a chance to get a 93 Lumina (euro) for free....It's my uncles...It needs a few repairs....it needs tie rods( no problem I can replace)..motor mount ( not too sure about replacing) and the filler tube leading to the gas tank.....how diffucult is it to replace the motor mount and the fillertube for the gas tank?....can the filler tube be replaced without replacing the whole tank?.....do you think this is a good deal? Thanks

one more thing I tried to sifon gas out of this tank and could not get the hose into the tank...is ther a screen blocking the tube and the tank...
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for Free

Well if it's a 93 not worth much in trade in or selling.
you might spends a couple of 100 dollars and have it going but tilll it's a 93 and other problem will occurd.

My advice is look for something else.
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The filler tube is blocked with a anti-vapor release check valve (or whatever). To siphon, you must use a thin tube.

Motor mount work is mostly labor, not parts cost, and is a DIY job because your labor is free. Buy the Haynes repair manual fo $15 and don't look back.

Filler neck is another high labor, low parts repair. Definately a DIY repair, but may be tricky if you have to remove the tank because you have to store all the fuel which can be up to 20 gallons or more. Filler tube hose (2 to 3" diameter is sold at auto supply by the foot, not by the make and model. If yours has a molded bend in it, etc, you may have to buy a dealer OEM part.

You ask if it's a good idea. If you want a car for free and you can do the labor, then yes, this is a good deal. The whole idea of DIY is for folks to be able to fix your own cars for free or at least at a very very low cost.

Any used car will need repair eventually. If you are a DIY'er, then things don't get much better than free. To clarify that point, I would not recommend getting a free car is you had to perform body work or tranny work, etc. The things you mentioned are well within the range of someone with a set of sockets, a manual, and a free weekend or two.
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Thanks for the advice ...I'm going to give it a shot

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