94 Ford Aerostar


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94 Ford Aerostar

Being a have-to-do-it-myself-er with an old van, I continue to build my automotive repair knowledge.

My question: In general, what causes brake pads to stick to the rotor? I have changed my front disc brake pads and got new calipers twice. The driver side is currently o.k., but the passenger side is definitely rubbing while driving. Is it maybe a problem with the brake fluid not getting to the caliper properly? The fluid level is normal. Are there other possible causes?

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brake pads and dics/drums are in contact all the time , but only with extreme pressure when you apply the brakes, unless the car veers to one side when you brake it should be fine to the best of my knowledge.
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Failing brake hoses will contribute to brakes not fully releasing, although as bazooka says disk brakes are generally in slight contact most of the time. Unless you are having a braking problem as mentioned OR the pads are wearing prematurely I wouldn't be concerned.
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Thanks for the replies

I took the wheel off last night and noticed that the pads are pretty worn considering I just changed them last month. Another thing that may be a factor is that my wife has a paper route and does a lot of stopping. What concerns me the most is that I am hearing a "whomp whomp whomp" while I'm driving and it is coming from the same side. I have all 4 new tires so I don't think its the tires. I have also noticed that when the brakes are applied, I hear a "pop" on the same side. There is no squealing or loud grinding though. I'm pretty sure something is not right.

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