1995 gmc diesel, starting problem


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1995 gmc diesel, starting problem

1995 gmc 2500 4x4 duely pickup, just rebuilt engine and found that the ground to the fuel pum in the tank and the glow plugs have a positive charge, but don't think I changed any wiring inany way, can start the truck buy hooking up glow plug first then diconnecting the wire to hook up to the fuel pump to run the truck, but it's not right, can't figure the voltage coming thru the ground wire, it's in the plug near the tankundefined
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I would check for pinched wires, you must have pulled the engine out.
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ground wire has voltage

The voltage is going to have a high reading on the voltmeter if the ground is not connected properly to the ground. If I am understanding, then you touch the probe of the voltmeter to the ground wire and the other probe to the ground and you get a voltage. That means that the current does not want to go thru the ground and it chooses to go thru the 10 Meg impedance of the meter.
Please forgive me if I misunderstood.
Please give more information if still not resolved.
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are you detecting + 12 vdc at the ground wire of the pump while it is connected and operating ? that's ok.

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