Alternater overcharging.....


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Alternater overcharging.....

Hello: My daughter has a 1995 sedan deville Caddilac, that seems to be having alternator problems...The problem started when the airbag light started coming on flashing alternately with the abs light.And warning light pops up saying that the battery voltage is to high. Advance auto was kind enough to check it with thier computer system and the guy said the alternator was overcharging. I checked the battery voltage at idle with my volt meter when i got home, and it is putting out 14.6 volts, with no change if you increase engine speed. It only does this occasionaly, and has not done it now in a couple of weeks. Seems like it most often happens when driving on trips longer than 10 miles or so. Just wondering if there is something i can check myself or try rather than just replacing the alternator...Any diagnostics would be helpful...Thanks to all for comments....Billy
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14.6 seems a tad high, the regulator must not be doing its job anymore, replacing the alternator should take care of it.
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If your warning light says the battery voltage is too high, that indicates a bad regulator and means a you need a new alternator. In my experience, too high is around 16 volts. But I don't know anything about caddys.
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If you let this go on too long, the overcharging will ruin your battery not to mention the alternator will eventually completely fail . Was the warning light on when you checked the voltage? If not, there should be times when the voltage is higher than 14.6.
If you want, you could rig up some connections to your meter to measure the voltage when the warning light is on so you see it when you're driving. One idea...get something that plugs into the cigarette lighter with a long wire coming out, possibly a light found at the dollar store, cut and strip the 2 wires that come out of that and you will have a positive and ground to hook to your meter. Make sure positive and ground don't touch.
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thanks to all replies

will try the hook-up to the lighter socket and to volt meter to see how high voltage is when the warning lighy comes on, and let you know the results.....thanks again, Bill
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14.6 volts on any car is normal when the engine is running, I wouldn't call it overcharging.

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