Anyone Know How To Test Map Sensor


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Question Anyone Know How To Test Map Sensor

Have a map sensor for a 93 Ford Mustang 2.3 L. It runs fine till it heats up,then it cuts off. I am not sure if it's the map sensor or the coolant sensor. I would prefer not to buy something I do not would like to know if there is a way to TEST the map sensor?...any ideas????
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Find a wiring diagram and the specs for it. Then use a vaccum pump to build pressure and see if it responds.
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The problem you are describing doesnt sound like either sensors you are looking at. It sounds more like the ignition module is crapping out. These modules are known to do this. The module is located on the side of the distributor. You may want to have your computer scanned for codes to give you somewhere to start.
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It does sound more like an ignition problem
It could also be the fuel pump on it's way out

First things first though, pull the codes
The computer on that Mustang can store a lot of codes w/l lighting off the Check Engine Light

Next time it happens (or make it happen), check for spark, check for fuel, during the no-start

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