2000 Ford Expedition (Electrical Problem)


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Question 2000 Ford Expedition (Electrical Problem)

My brother's 2000 Expedition is acting like it has a mind of it's own. First the heat would stay on after the truck was turned off and the key was removed; intermitin problem. Then the samething happen with the radio, truck off key out of the ignition radio still on. Now it's the dash lights and the marker lights but it is ongoing. We disconnected every fuse one at a time and the lights never go off. The only way to get the lights out is to disconnect the battery. We never did anything to create this problem like jump starting or anything. The truck has about 65k miles on it and we took it to the local Ford dealer who said "We think it's the GEM module" So for the $350.00 price for the GEM Module itself and the labor to get to it, to test it with no gurantee approximately a $600-$800 investment for nothing is not the smartest decision. They said it is possible the windshield was leaking down onto the componets so they resealed the winshield for $80.00 plus another $150.00 or so for other labor/diagnostic work. We don't want to go with a new GEM job without confirming that is the problem. Any help is Greatly appreciated!!!
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It does sound like a GEM (Generic Electronic Module) problem. The best way to test these is by proccess of elimination. Trace wiring and ensure that everything else is working properly in the circuit involved.
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Could be the GEM. That is a tough break due to the expense and uncertainty. You may be able to get more insight by paying close attention to all the automatic functions of your car, then decide if they are out of wack or not. For example, are the doors locking automatically when expected, are the interior lights turning on and off as they should, etc. These are the sort of things the GEM controls and has far reaching effects. On some vehicles, it affects the digital speedometer, etc.

I haven't messed with one yet, but I would start by insuring the unit is well grounded to the chassis and free from physical harm and rattle. And I would wiggle and push the plug back in snug. I don't know where this unit is on your car so you need to locate it first.
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Thanks Lugnut

Thank you, that's the plan ..... We will keep you updated.
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This is a Common Problem, The windshield leak will cause this! But I have had to replace both the GEM module and Fuse Box because they are both subject to the water leak.

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