Heats up - cools down !


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Heats up - cools down !

My 1992 Toyota Paseo just started acting up. When I accelerate - the temp guage climbs up - almost to the danger zone! As soon as I come to a stop at a light, it cools right down to below the halfway mark (where it usually always stays). What could be causing these "jumps"? Thanks in advance!
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Thermostat may be sticking. Try replacing it, and flush and burp cooling system.
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Are you sure you don't have that backwards? Temps usually drop when driving, and go up when stopped.
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how big is the grill on that car?
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a restricted or plugged radiater often causes overheating only when vehicle is under a load and may run at a normal temp at idle, if the thermostat and coolant flush doesnt solve your problem suggest checking the radiater.
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Could also be that the water pump belt slips but only at higher speeds. Quick and easy check...

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