Horn Relay


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John Dillon
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Horn Relay

I need to replace my horn relay on my 1991 Mazda Protege. I disconnected the relay about a year ago after my horn kept going off. Problem is, I forgot where it is. Does anyone know?

Also, where can I find a new relay? I was having troubles finding one online. Is this a universal part or specifc to each model of car?
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I think it's easier just to drop by your local dealer and pick one up, while you in there, ask them where it's located, you can also ask for a copy of the relay location too, it may cost a few bucks more but may save some time and headache.
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not the relay

i had a similar experience w/ a '93 protege

on that year the relay is a small (5/8" square x 1 1/2" long)black and white piece of plastic with wires plugged into the top mounted under the driver side of the dash near the left hand kick panel.

in your case look for a dangling wire.

The real problem is that the foam between the copper plated plates in the steering wheel has degraded over time and allowed contact. these plates are also bendable if you really get pissed-off in traffic and take it out on your horn. One plate has "fingers" that reach through gaps in the insulating foam to ground the relay.

three 10mm bolts hold the assembley on the wheel. remove them from the back and unplug the wire. Srewed to the plastic cover on the back you will find the two metal plates. Remove the screw and carefully remove the plastic connectors holding the plates together. they will be partially glued together with the remains of the foam. be carefull because you still need it.

I fixed mine by looking for the most likely contact point and covering it with electrical tape and testing the reassembled sandwich with an ohmmeter. you horn will not work in that spot but will elsewhere.

i bought my relay which did not help and cost me about $21 from a local import parts house. They ordered it and it took about a week to get here.

good luck

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I agree with Peebees diagnosis. Had same problem on a Pontiac. The horn switches are marginal at best. Fix it first, before you spend $ on a relay.

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