chrysler popping back throuhgh the throttle body


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chrysler popping back throuhgh the throttle body

Im working on a 94 chrysler New Yorker 3.3L . Ive put new plugs and wires on it and a new map sensor. This hasnt fixed the problem of the car wanting to backfire through the throttle body when you give it gas under a load. It idles fine and runs ok until you give it gas under a load. No dtc`s stored . I`m lost so any help appreciated, or poin me in a good direction like fuel press. or air leak?
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check firing order on wires
check gap on magneto and also check roto rnd dist cap
check timing
if all is fine could be timming belt
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using a spark tester test the output of the coil pack on each cylinder, use a spark tester that has a large gap or an adjustable gap should be able to jump 1/2 inch at the spark plug end of each plug wire.
have you had a vacum guage installed while it is acting up it could be a valvetrain related problem.
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If your wires are new and in order, replace the coil pack.

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