stripped wheel lug nut removal


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stripped wheel lug nut removal

Hi again,

Does anyone know of a tool to remove stripped lug nuts? The rim is an aluminum rim where the lug nut is recessed and can not be cut off. Thanks for any advise.

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if your hex is stripped , you can get a socket that`ll grab it at auto parts store,
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What he said,,, and if you have a top brand name socket, just pound it on with a hammer (really tight!) and then you can remove the nut. Then take the socket and nut (now seized together) and separate them using a vise and punch. Then you get bragging rights about your brand of socket that did not split under such punishment!
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Some time ago i bought a 3/8 and 1/2 drive socket with little "pins" in the part that would normlly go over a nut,or bolt head. The beauty of it is, as you turn the socket in either direction the tighter it grips. Can't remember who the manufacture is,but i think if you try a auto supply or hardware store you will find one. Quite a can use it on all kind of nuts and bolts that are almost impossible to remove and it will fit your recessed lug nut.
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thats called a gator grip (cannot believe i remembered that) another way is there is a socket made with reverse threads inside it that the tighter you torque it, the tighter it grips. Its made to remove locking lug nuts.
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Can you believe none of the auto parts stores around did not caring that socket. Went to Sears Hardware and they had a package of three sizes with fluted teeth. Hammered the 17mm one on that sucker and the lug came off. Hooray. Thanks everyone for the help. Now all I have to do is get the nut out of the socket but I'm too busy celebtrating at the moment.

Thanks again

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stripped wheel nut removal

That's an easy one. Place the whole thing into a vice. Start to drill (hopefully from the center) a small a hole as you can that will go 100% thru the unit. Progressively use larger drill bits until you get everything out --- right down to the start of the interior threads. (You don't want to screw those up)

If your bits don't go as LARGE as is required to make a clearthrough - drill untill you reach the size of the largest EASYOUT. The threads in the easyout will bite into the remainder "waste" material and --- "VOILA!"

There you are back to square one!

Good luck

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had the same problem and was able to resolve it.

Once the 3/4 won't grab anymore, just grab a 18 metric (the ones that have several teeth all the way around, not the hex) Then smack it on on the lug nut with a small sludge hammer until it is on their good. Then put a ratchet on it with an extension pull, stand on the very tip of it and then with all your weight and it should crank/voila. I was just about to go take it to a shop and thought I would this and it worked. good luck.
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