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Question engine light on

hELLO FOLKS, thanks for taking my question...I have a 2000 chyrsler town & country with a 3.8 liter engine...Yesterday the little engine symbol popped up on the dashlights....It went off but came back on 2 or 3 times, but now its own most all the time...I took it to auto zone this morning and he scanned it and said it was the egr valve, and that it probably just needs cleaning...I then took it to Advance and he scanned it and said it was one of the oxygen sensors..He said it had 3 sensors and that it was the last one toward the rear of the car. I think the code on the scanner was 404 but not 100% sure on that, cause i did'nt have my glasses on, and the man was talking so much i forgot to write it down... I would'nt want to replace the wrong thing as those sensors are expensive (65.00). So now how do i know for sure which it is..I took out the rear sensor to look at it, cleaned it off and put it back in..But did'nt help By the way the wires are made on the sensor and cannot be unplugged, unless it is above the hole that is plugged to keep out the weather...Would appreciate any input on this....thanks, Oren PS: Will it hurt the vehicle to just keep driving it with the light on, or will the computer eventually make me fix this ...thanks again
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most of the time it doesn't hurt but check your mpg anyways, see how much the dealership will charge you for a more accurate computer scan.
you will not be able to get a smog certificate with service engine light on.

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