97 Ford Taurus-power steering loss


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97 Ford Taurus-power steering loss

The power steering & radio go out intermittently. It started with the radio going out when I put the car in reverse but would come back on in drive. Then the power steering started to do the same. Now they both go out driving down the road at times or when switching gears. Power steering fluid is full. Someone suggested motor mount problems because you open the hood and switch gears the engine moves quite a bit. Could this be it or do you have any other suggestions? Please help.
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As I recall motor mounts were somewhat problematic on Taurus's (along with head gaskets, transmissions, etc ad infinitum). Good place to start, although I can't think of much connection between motor mounts and either the radio or the power steering. The radio problem could be from the engine shifting and pulling on a connector somewhere. There's certainly no common hardware between the radio and power steering other than the serpentine belt that powers the power steering and the alternator. I would remove the serpentine belt and ensure that all the accessories, plus the tensioner and idler pulleys, are turning freely. Although you would almost certainly hear, or smell it, if the serpentine belt stopped turning, as from a locked up pulley or accessory, you could loose power steering and possibly get a voltage drop that could afffect the radio. I think this scenario is pretty remote, but probably worth checking.
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Common problem, Range selector switch or better known as a Neutral Safety Switch. It's location is on top of transmission under the brake master cylinder. You will see the shifter cable and linkage on top of it. Hope this helps!

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