Check Engine light


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Check Engine light

My wife owns a 1996 Toyota Paseo, and the check engine light stays on.
My son attached a device to read the computer and the problem
seems to be with air flow causing the light to come on.
I cleaned out the vacuum hoses and the light went off for about
a week or two than the check engine light came back on. Also
the car runs just fine.

Does anyone have ideals what could be causing this
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you can take it to autozone where they pull out codes and give you a diagnostic for free.
Sounds like your MAF ( mass air flow ) sensor may be bad or dirty, also oxygen sensor (s) could be involved.
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You'll want to post up the actual code(s)
AZ is a good place for that
Just do not buy any parts w/o posting up the codes first

The reason I say this is because, for example, there are many codes that the definitions mention an O2 sensor
O2 sensor reads lean, O2 sensor at max...
These codes do not mean replace the O2 sensor
There are guys here that can properly interpret your codes
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Buddy of mine has a 98 Toyota that was doing that and we took the mass air flow sensor off, cleaned it, light went off and has not came back on and thats been about 6 months ago.
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nothing to lose

It should be done anyway every so often clean the MAF sensor get some electronic contact cleaner remove it and spray it clean.
Be very carfull with it and do not touch the two thin wires inside of it with anything.The wires are hair thin and if you break one or bend it it is gonna cost some big dollars.
Just spray it real good and let it air dry see what happens they do get dirty after a while so cleaning it is good maintenance.
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