dirty cooling system


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dirty cooling system

I bought a used 1994 chevy van, i've had it about 5 years now. It runs good, and I did notice the dirty cooling system when i bought it but figured I would clean it up, So far I haven't been able to. I have used off of the shelf products such as Gunk's radiator flush, and a few others. I have also taken it to a Meineke shop and had them do a flush on the system. And I still have the problem. It is now eating on my freeze plugs, I have had to replace 2 plugs in the last year, and will have to replace a third tomorrow. Once it has been flushed, it looks pretty clean for a couple of weeks and then it returns to the red muddy rusty color. While repacing the freeze plugs there is a pretty thick almost mud like build up behind the plugs. Is there any way of really cleaning the system without taking the engine apart and vatting the block?
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there are some products that you add to the radiator and you use the car for a week or so and then you flush the whole thing out, they seem to work pretty good the only thing is you must flush all the system not only what's on the radiator, you can DIY with a couple buckets and a helper or you can take it to a shop where they usually charge around $80 for a complete flush and refill .
Remember to run the heater so you can get everything out of there.
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what kind of antifreeze are you using?
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stop leak has been used

Someone before you has used a stop leak product.This is why I am against the stuff it just coats everything and never comes out.
All you can do is keep flushing and flush some more remove over flow bottle and hand wash it.Good luck.

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