Check Oil Light on 93 Grand AM


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Check Oil Light on 93 Grand AM

For a few months now when I drive my car, about five to ten minutes into the ride, my check oil light will come on for about a second, occasionally up to about 3 seconds. yesterday, it came on right after i started the car, and did not turn off, so i let it run for a minute and it didnt go off so i turned it off and checked the oil. the oil level was fine. So i started it up again and started driving home, the light turned off after about 5 minutes. Im not sure what is going on here. The car is a 93 Grand Am SE 2.3L SOHC, with 24K original miles. i changet the oil about a month ago using mobil 1 5W-30. Now there is some white stuff on the middle of the dipstick, but my oil is fine. I'm not sure if it just condensation or if ive got a tiny crack in my head/headgasket. There is a bit of air coming out of the fill/check hole when the engine is running, not a lot, but enough to notice when you put your hand over it. Not sure why my light is coming on. Am i looking at big trouble down the road?

Thanks in advance,
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Air coming out of fill hole should be normal due to oil pump working, it could be your low oil sensor located on oil pan is bad, a crack in your head gasket could mean coolant getting into your oil and would need to be fixed right away, this usually happens after engine overheating.
Keep an eye on oil level / check for coolant in oil.

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