Ford Taurus 1987 Transmission


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Question Ford Taurus 1987 Transmission

My kid just crashed my car and I was given a 1987 Ford Taurus for free.
Well being that I needed to get to work I started to have it fixed...what a mistake. Any way my issues.

1 - Transmission works GREAT over 15 mph, but when going from 15 mph to above speeds it has a hard bang then runs great any ideas ?

2 - strong Gas smell in the car but no leaks, what can it be.

3 - Front Pannel does not light up at all, fuses are good.

Please help me out here, kids in collage and needs the ride.
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Considering that your kid needs a reliable transportation to go to college , I'd say get rid of the taurus and get a much more reliable car like a Toyota, Honda , Chevy or other brand. The Taurus are infamous for a lot of trouble with pretty much everything from trannys to computer issues.
You're already spending on tuition so might as well get a better car so your kid can make all the classes.
Just my personal opinion.
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Thanks, but already commited. Spent 2 k bringing it to speed and have no choice but to do the tranie work myself. any idea what the problems could be and possible resolution ?

Thnaks for your thoughts but it's to late...
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keep on driving

If you have time (15 seconds) do a web search for "Ford Taurus transmission" and see what you get. The early automatics are crap.

Do you have a 6 cyl automatic? I know that in the first years they sold both manual transmissions and a 4 cyl engine.

You do have a gas leak or you could not smell gas. Look at all the hoses and look close at the injectors. With a hot engine, you may not see liquid gas. Look for a yellowish build-up. I replaced a leaky injector after about a year of looking for gas leaks. I would get a yellow film on one injector that would reappear after being cleaned off with carb cleaner. It never appeared wet. Get a manual and it will show you how to run the fuel pump w/ key on engine off and a jumper wire. Run it for and hour with a stone cold engine and you will be find the leak if it is not in the evap system.

Also, look at hoses going to the charcoal canister.

Make sure you have fluid in the tranny and cross your fingers. Remember it was a free car. Where I live, a rebuild is about $1600. Since you need a car to get to work, start looking now at what you can buy for that. Around here, early '90's saturns and geo prizims w/ a 5-sd are common for under $2K.

I will hold on to my 94 until the tranny gives up. It was rebuilt at 79k and 148k. It has new tires, the AC compressor is only 2 years old, and it has many lifetime warranty parts on it from AutoZone and pep boys.

The dash light bulbs could be burned out or the dimmer could be turned down or broken.

Good luck

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