What Direction Is The Thread


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What Direction Is The Thread

I have to replace the rotor on a 1996 PLYMOUTH VOYAGER. Taking off the caliper only takes a 10M lug to remove the two hold-on bolts. In order for me to remove the rotor, I see that all I have to do is take off the caliper & the pads, remove the cotter pin and the protective cover for the lugnut. Q) Is that a REVERSE thread in order to remove it or not?


it's been a long time since I bled any brakes but if I recall, I completely remove the caliper, salvage the bleeder valve and replace it into the new unit. Reinstall all pieces. Pour new brake fluid into the resevoir till its full. Cover master cylinder. PUMP the brakes till there is a newly built up pressure, hold brake pedal down whill the bleeder valve is opened> bleed> close bleeder valve. Redo the pumping buildup sequence as many times as it takes till the brake pedal maintains pressure. Perhaps as many times as four X. REFILL RESEVOIR in the Master cylider.

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Thread should be just standard not reverse, bleeding the brakes sounds about right do not let go of the pedal until bleed valve is tight again, then repeat flushing look for air bubbles coming out, refill as necessary during bleeding make sure you put lid back on each time.
While at it pack/inspect bearings and do not overetight lugnut, secure safety pin before putting cover back on.
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just follow the instructions at autozones website you shouldnt have to remove a cotter pin or axle nut.
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thread & bleed

that's what i needed to know



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