02 Malibu misfires - high voltage modules?


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02 Malibu misfires - high voltage modules?

My daughter has a 2002 Malibu with about 85k on it - V6 - runs like it's on 5 cylinders. Replaced all the original plugs and plug wires but this did not help. #2 plug had a lot of deposits on it and it appears that wire had been changed before the car was purchased a few months ago, so I suspect that may be where the problem is, although the car just started acting up.

But I'm used to seeing a distributor cap, not these high voltage modules, so I have some questions:
Are these modules the likely cause of the stumbling engine? And if so, do all 3 of them need to be replaced or can you just buy/swap out one?
I haven't checked on pricing for them yet but wanted to know if they should be changed individually or as a set first. Looks straightforward...

Appreciate any help you can offer!
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you would only replace the bad coil not all of them, usually can tell bad coils by spark output a bad coil may be weaker than the rest or not have any spark at all.
suggest you have it checked out to make sure it is a coil causing the problem if you have a check engine light on should have codes read also.

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