1995 Mitsubishi Eclipse, squeaky front end....


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1995 Mitsubishi Eclipse, squeaky front end....

The right front wheel of my Mitsubishi Eclipse is squeaking loudly. My friend told me my shocks needed lube where they mount. I see no grease fittings. Is this correct? How do I lube it? The car is driving correctly, so I donm't think anything is broken, but it sure squeaks when that right front goes up or down. Help!
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silicone spray

Use silicone spray on all the rubber bushings to isolate the one making the noise spray one at a time ,they get old and dry out this is only a temp fix but you can spray and it will last for awhile.
Down the road you might want to replace the rubber bushings.
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it may be time for new shocks on this '95 also.

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