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hi every body:

can any one please explain the procedure of the car tune-ups, what parts need to be replaced.

thank you so much////////////
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good tune up is

Good tune up is new spark plugs,air and fuel filter,oil change,a set of new ignition wires,pcv valve,thats all I can think of for now.
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...and cap and rotor if your engine came with 'em
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And be careful about opting for what a lot of the franchise garages call a "tune-up"? Many of them are overpriced by quite a bit for the actual value you get. As noted by Michael & Slick, there really isn't much to a tune up on modern engines. Michael's plug wire suggestion would apply to a vehicle with more miles on it and would not be reuqired at every tune-up interval as with the spark plugs, filters, etc. Add to these items a check of all fluid levels. You might also replace your coolant (anti-freeze) as part of a tune-up.
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I agree with all of the above just want to mention if you have an automatic transmission you may need to replace the transmission filter too, refill with new fluid. Check condition of belt(s) dont forget to have the chassis fittings greased also.
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Thanks, Lou; somehow forgot to mention belts.
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Uhm, in my old days, tune up means check and adjust the carb, and keep the engine running at top of it performs, set timing, set point.....,.

Today cars/trucks, there's no carb to play with, some DIS models requires no timing adjusted, all of those emission related parts are not serviceable, ect...., then what does the tune up can be done?.

Basically, I'd lookt at the maintainance schedule that listed on Owner Manual and go by it, that said, pick the right shop to do maintainance on your vehicle is something you would have to look for yoursefl, some recommend you to dealership and others will said go to your local garrages, ask your friends where they get service for thier vehicles and which one they'd reffer you to and go from there.

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