How Can I Bleed My Brakes Myself..

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I Repalce The Brake Line From The Master Cylinder To The Proportioning I Can;t Get Any Fluid To My Rear Kinks Or Nothing In The Can I Bleed These Brakes Myself..i Have No One To Push And Hold Peddle...any Self Bleeding Tricks Would Be A Great Help...its A 91 Ford Explorer...
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How Can I Bleed My Brakes Myself

Did you bench bleed the master cylinder? If so, Take a rubber hose the size of the nipple on the bleeder of the desired brake and run it down to a small bottle (1/2pint or so) filled 1/2 with brake fluid. Open the bleeder and gently push the brake pedal down all the way. Let it up. Do this slowly 5 times then look in the master cylinder and top it off and check the jar to see if it needs any or is full now. Don't forget to close the bleeder to test the brakes when you're done. Hope this helps. marty
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I often use a one-man brake bleed. But first, after a major job such as replacing a brake line, I first gravity bleed the brakes by leaving the bleeder open until fluid starts coming out.

For one-man bleeding, I slip a rubber drain line onto the bleeder then crack open the bleeder just a bit and start pumping away at the pedal. With the bleeder only cracked open, it'll let fluid forward, but slurp very little backward. What little it slurps back will be from the fluid in the short length of drain line.
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You got to be able to find somebody, I use child labor. When the kids ain't around I use a cut off broom handle. Pump up the brake and place a stick between the bottom of the seat to the pedal. The stick has to be exactly the right length to fit and hold the brake down. Don't crack the line all the way or the stick will fall out just real quick, enough to see some air,tighten it back and pump up again. Will not work with a stiff seat though, when you put the stick in place it has to be pushing the seat cushion in a bit to allow a little bit of travel.

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