1991 Mazda B2200 losing gas mileage quick

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1991 Mazda B2200 losing gas mileage quick

i have a 1991 mazda b2200 pickup truck...166,000 miles...i have had it since 1993, so i know the history...i have never had a major problem or repair other than timing belt, valve cover gasket replaced, and the usual spark plug wire and spark plug replacement...

i usually got 300 miles per tank of gas (14.6 gal tank)...until recently (last year or so), it has gone to about 260-270 miles per gallon...which is understandable due to the age...

however, within the last couple of fill ups, it has deteriorated to about 200 miles per tank of gas...i can't figure out what the problem is...i changed the fuel filter last year...

in the cold, it smokes a huge amount on start up (blueish white smoke bellows out in the cold mornings for about 10 seconds)...i seem to being losing oil somewhere...i have to add a quart about every month...there are no drips underneath because i don't have any oil spots...it looks like there is oil on my transmission, but nothing every drips onto the driveway...i suspect that the valve cover gasket is leaking during driving...

back in december, i had a couple of sparkplug wires get hot and burn through...started missing badly...couldn't get it to 5th gear or pass 45 mph...turned out that the incorrect sparkplug wires were given to me at a part store...they were a little long and (over time) began to rest on the manifold (i believe that is what it is called)...they eventually became hard and cracked...i could litterly snap them in two...

but i can't figure out the drastic loss of gas mileage...what could be a cause to this gas mileage loss...

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Do you use the same gas station? Its not unheard of to get a batch of bad gas from time to time.....

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