How Do I Replace A Snapped Stud?


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How Do I Replace A Snapped Stud?

As a rule, I like to keep the threads on my wheels lubricated with an axel grease. Months and months will go by and I can still get into by brakes, or whatever.

About two months ago. I took the 1996 Plymouth Voyager into a local dealership for a free brake inspection. I went ahead and had the rear brakes adjusted and they buttenned everything up.

Last weekend I went out and bought a new set of calipers, a replacement rotor, and of course, some new pads. I did an R & R on the left front - that went OK but when I went to take off one of the lugs on the right side, the evry last lud was cross threaded. Those pneumatic guns have no sense of their wrong doings. Just crank it on!

Q.) What are some options for replacing the broken stud?
Q) Is it pressed in or is it a threaded stud?

If I have to tap and thread into the hub,
Q) What is the threading sizes

I can probably get the broken stuff out without too much effort

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You should be able to drive it out - towards the body, with a heavy hammer and a cold chisel or draft. The replacement is inserted from the back, and drawn in tight with the lug nuts.
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goldstar is correct,
they are pressed on, and brought home by the tighting of the lug.
but i didn't use the wheel, ,i used washers to pull the lug into place,
then mounted the wheel. hey, if you got proof that these s$#@ heads
messed up the lug, make them $^&%@! replace it or pay for the parts
and labor (your's) . i have a little xprerince on this, they changed my tires
but didn't get the lugs tight, snapped 3 out of 4 lugs on the interstate and ruined the wheels. since they where a reputible company,they took care of it.
hope this helps a little.
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replaceing stud


I actually went to the retailer/auto service today and simply told him how it was. In fact, I didn't even have the work bid -- (shuck - it was far too high!)


He looked at me for about ONE second and asked me to bring the car in on Monday --- they'll make it right!

Not in a thousand years would I have EVER expected that

all I have to say today -- is --- "y'all have a nice day"


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