"new" truck!!!


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"new" truck!!!

Just aquired a 99 Dodge extra cab V8 2WD 1500 Magnum. Standard 5 speed. It has 130,000 mostly well maintained highway miles (know previous owner). What do you all recommend for checking/replacing pretty soon? Or maybe the question is what should I expect to break first?

Rear end has been replaced (04 when he got it), radiator as well - he put a tow pagckage on it but the trailer he used was pretty light - for tools, not heavy loads like other vehicles or livestock.
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If not broke dont fix it. Deal with repairs as thay come. Good luck.

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Only thing of the top of my head is general stuff. Change the oil and give it a good tune up. I'm not sure about the 99' but the 01' had weak ball joints.
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Thanks - guess the user name could be

old ranch EVERYTHING - will have more for you, we are in SE AZ and in the very middle of all the big migration north - I currently have 17 abandened vehicles - some of them probably worth working on. Heck, we have been using 3 and traded another for some fence work! Anybody need any 10 or 15 year old vans with no seats and 150 thousand miles on em?

If anybody thinks of anything else on the Dodge, let me know. The last Dodge we had made me want to avoid them, (Chevy convert) but this was too good of a deal to pass up so here we go again!
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Wink Dodges

The last Dodge we had was a new '75 Dart, 2 dr., w/no AC in NY. I would just do the liquids and check the belt for cracks and wait .

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