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everytime I get out of my car I get shocked...what can I do to stop this from happening
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I've been dealing with this every winter for the last few years and have not yet found a solution.
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Sounds like you need a seat cover made of cloth. When you slide out, you build up static electricity and you get shocked. Just like sliding your stocking feet across a rug and touching someone. You may want to invest in one of those grounding straps that hang off the rear axle. The pretty one with the lightning bolt painted on it. Good luck.
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I have cloth seats in my car, apparently that's not enough?
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The shock hurts because the electricity discharges on a small point on your hand. To reduce the pain, hold on to your key and have the electricity zap the key itself. The large area of your fingers holding the key will dissipate the charge to where you won't feel it.
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ground strap

In the old days you would see cars with ground straps that would cure this problem.I have looked for them and just can not seem to find them.
They just hang under the car and look like a rubber strap when car is moving they are blown up as not to drag on ground,when car stops they touch the ground.
Also do not wear nylon or syntetic clothes.Now I use my key to touch the metal first sometimes I see a nice fat blue spark.
I will keep looking for the straps and if I find them I will post back.
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I get shocked everytime I get out during spring, fall and winter. The static strap helps somewhat but not all the time, especially when snow covered the ground. What I did was open the door and hold on to door frame to ground myself first then step out, works 99% of time. Get back in the car is another story thou.
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thanks for all the input...I heard before about rubber straps but really was not sure...ieven if I close the door by the window and then open another door or shake someones's still shocking...I'll look for the straps and maybe static cling spray for seats...thanks again
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It happens to me only while wearing one particular pair of shoes. Does not happen with my work boots or my hikers.

Try a different pair of shoes, or boots.
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move to florida?

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