Changing the thermostat on a dodge ram p/u


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Changing the thermostat on a dodge ram p/u

Hi, I'm waiting for my service manual to come in the mail, but figured I'd ask you experts if there are any shortcuts/tips to swapping out my thermostat? It's a 96 Ram 4WD, 1500. It's running @ 205 and really gets hot when pulling my boat up the grade to the lakes. I recently had the radiator R&R'd, and the mechanic told me I might want to switch it out, but says it's up under the A/C unit and can be tricky. I'd like to do it myself, I need to learn this stuff (cause I'm broke after the radiator too)! Any help is appreciated.

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You don't have to remove the a/c to replace a Tstat, first drain some of coolant out and save them, remove the bracket that goes from Alternator to the intake manifold just to get some room then remove a hose clamp at Tstat end, you may need special pair of pliers but if you have a pair of long needle nose, it'll works too, there are two 13mm bolts holding the Tstat housing, remove them then use long needle nose pick them out, remove the Tstat housing, you may have to turn/twist the housing back/forward to slide it out, once it out, using your long needle nose pick out the Tstat, clean the surface then replace with new one. Take note on the Tstat housing, there's a "tap" with letter "forward or front" stamped on it, you can "grind" that tap off to make the install much easier if you want to, glue the Tstat gasket to the housing first then try to slide it down, make sure the tap is facing toward to the front of the truck then reinstall radiator hose back and refill the coolant, check for leak and top off the overflow bottle.

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