92 Tercel coolant leak (somewhere)


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92 Tercel coolant leak (somewhere)

My 92 Toyota Tercel is very slowly losing coolant. I have to top it off every 3 to 4 days. There is no obvious sign that in the engine compartment of any leaks. While driving, I would faintly smell coolant from time to time.

Is there a trick to finding this mystery leak?

Any advice would be helpful.

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I'm sure others are more knowlegeble folks to help on this forum

but I would check a couple things first - do you have an overflow container for coolant? Check that out - if not you may just be blowing some coolant out while you drive - you can buy a new cap and kit to instal or get a replacement if yours leaks. check cap and all hoses for signs of leaks.

Check under where waterpump is attached to block - has it been making any funny noises? These are designed with a "weephole" for when they begin to fail - not too bad of repair and can be done by most folks - price depends on vehicle...

Next is the bad one - check your oil very carefully for any signs of water in there - froth under the filler cap or beads of water on the dip stick - if you change your oil yourself do it now and check for water - if you find any that is a problem.

Another issue that is in the middle would be a leak in the radiator itself. Sometimes this can be fixed almost for good with inexpensive commercial sealants (available almost everywear - its a little tube of metalic-looking powder you just pour into your radiator) otherwise new radiator is around 100 bucks.
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its probably a leaking head gasket or possibly a cracked head causing coolant to leak into atleast one cylinder and causing a miss or rough idle when you first start it up in the morning if you put both of your problems on one post it seems fairly obvious might pull out your spark plugs one morning and see if you see any antifreeze in the cylinder or if any blows out of the cylinders when cranking over the engine with all the plugs removed.
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my 3 cents

My 3 cents is do not use the stop leak stuff it just hides the real problem and plugs up your system.It will never come out of your system.
Do Like Bejay said but I want to add a few things you will need a follow car.Check and see if white smoke comes out of your exaust when driving.You can also do this with car sitting in driveway at idle just give it some gas and look at exaust,(any steam).
Another possible failure could be the heater core inside the car on passanger side this you would smell.
If possible get your system pressure checked also check all hose and connection for seepage around connections.
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In defense of radiator seal

hey its a 92 tercel and its only losing enough to need "topping" every 3 or 4 days - Doubt if sealant would hurt this vehicle. It has saved several vehicles in my lifetime - not saying it might not clog something but I have never seen that happen.

Agree though, if coolant is going INTO engine that is a big problem.

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