1989 Chevy Celebrity


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1989 Chevy Celebrity

I have an 1989 chevy celebrity an recently the A/C pump siezed up.Looked at the price of a new one and it is around $400.00 cdn.Looks like alot of work in R&R.Anyways is there a way to bypass the A/C pump but it also has to operate the waterpump.I was thinking of installing a pulley on the waterpump and going with a shorter belt.Will and can this work? anyone else have any other ideas.
I have sunken enough money into this car and am just looking for a cheap fix now.It has a 2.8L Thanks

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I think that the A/C compressor has an electric clutch built into the pulley. As long as the air is turned off, the pulley should turn freely. You should be able to drive normally with the same belt.
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they usually can be bypassed might call your parts store and see if the list a belt for your car not equiped with a/c.
if its only locked up when you turn the a/c on you can always just unplug the a/c compressor to prevent it from coming on, if the front bearing is bad it will be locked up all the time and you would need to bypass the compressor with a different belt, an engine size would probably help give you more replies.

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