lexus es300 - 1997


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lexus es300 - 1997

my car is leaking oil slowly, and anytime i turn on the heater i think i smell oil burning.A friend sia that there may be oil in the engine.Is this possible? If so what steps should I take to clear up the situation?
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Well, I certainly hope you have oil in the engine.

Are you certain the smell is oil and not coolant, which is a sickly-sweet kind of smell? Although it might be possible for the environmental system to pick up oil smoke maybe from a leaky valve cover gasket [oil leaks onto hot exhaust manifold, cooks off smoking, and eviro system somehow draws the smoke into the interior], coolant would be much more likely. I would inspect the engine compartment carefully, looking for any signs of exterior oil leakage especially anywhere that it might get onto the exhasut manifold. If you find no sign of oil leakage and your not positive the smell is "oil", I would suspect a leaking heater core.

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