when to change trans. fluid


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when to change trans. fluid

I have a 92 tercel and I have no idea when the trans. fluid was changed. The car has almost 91,000 miles on it now. The transmission feels like its starting to slip or delay a little. I was to solve this problem sooner than later. When should the transmission fluid be changed and is there a filter inside the trans. that should be changed also? Do I have a potentially larger problem on my hands with the slipping of the transmission or has the trans. fluid just lost its viscosity to lubricate properly and just needs to be changed. I hope I didn't repeat myself too much.
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Under tranny pan is a filter that can be changed. Than put new fuid in.
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Seems to be two schools of thought on changing the fluid. It's either about every 30 K miles or never. If it's starting to slip and delay, it may be time for new fluid - in a newly rebuilt tranny.
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What have you got to lose

The only thing you would lose by changing the fluid and trannie still slips is the fluid.It is a crap shot at best give it a shot it cant hurt and if it works you lucked out.But every 30 thousand is a general rule to replace the fluid I am guilty of extending that time up to 50 thousand myself with no bad things happining.
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What does the fluid look like now?... black?... brown?... pink?

I suggest you drop the pan, change the filter, clean the pan and magnet, and replace the fluid that came out with new fluid.

Wait a year, then have the fluid completely exchanged in the transmission. This'll put you on schedule for 30K fluid changes.
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