Grand Prix dies upon acceleration


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Grand Prix dies upon acceleration

I have an '88 Pontiac Grand Prix with a 2.8litre V6 and auto trans. The car starts well, idles ok and runs ok when cold. Once it warms up and I try to accelerate normally from say 20MPH to 30MPH the car would stumlbe badly to the point that if I dont let off the accelerator it will stall out and die. It will restart immediately though. If I immediately let off the gas, it will keep running.

I replaced the TPS sensor and adjusted it for .55V at idle, and did idle relearn a couple times. The plugs, wires, filters, etc. have been changed in the last 10k miles. No codes either. The car has not been driven regularly for the past year partly cause it would do this sometimes, and partly cause it would die at idle in the past sometimes. The gas is new as I have been trying to get it to run right for the past few weeks. Any ideas or suggestions?? THANKS!!
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check the gas filter
also the carbutaotr float might be damage
you might need t replace the carb
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you should check fuel pressure sounds like its losing fuel pressure under load may also want to have the exhuast system checked for a restriction any exhuast shop can check this but I expect fuel pressure is dropping when the vehicle is acting up, probably due to a bad pump or clogged fuel filter or possibly both.
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Replace pcv valve and check fuel regulator. 30 to 40 psi
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I would suspect

I would suspect a restriction in the exaust sounds like cats are toast typical symtoms for a cataletic convertor in the melt down stages.
How many miles?
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To test cats remove and test car by hooking up bypass pipe then drive to see if car runs better.

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