How difficult is it to install


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Red face How difficult is it to install

a new egr valve.....The engine light comes on and goes off constantly...I stopped by Advance and the guy did a scan and said it was po403, the egr valve... It is a 2000 town & country, 6 cylinder..Just wondering if anyone here had replaced one and how difficult it is or if there is a better resolution....The advance guy said it probably just needed cleaning......Also wondering if any of the repair books might be worth investing in......thanks for anyones help.....Oren
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Not that hard but you need to replace gasket if you take it off to clean. And yes best to have manual on your van.It will pay for itself in no time.
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common problem with chrysler vehicles suggest buying a mopar part either through the dealer or a parts store, should come with vacum solenoid and egr valve.
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I second what bejay said, our 99 had same problem, went with a "house" brand, lasted less than 6 months, MOPAR brand is on its 4th year now.
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Only trick is that it can be very difficult to get the old one off sometimes. I would soak the bolts with liquid wrench a couple hours before trying.
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