Removing lug nut


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Removing lug nut

I have a lug nut that I cannot remove becuase its one of those theft nuts that has a special key needed to remove it. The nut is stripped where the key inserts into it, so I cannot remove it. Any suggestions for how to get the nut off? Thanks.
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There's a few ways to remove a stripped nut
But as this particular problem (a highly torqued lug) would probably required the purchase of a specialty tool, I'd suggest driving it over to a shop (with a non-lock lug in hand) to have them remove the problem, replace it with the regular lug, then drive back
I think it will be well worth a few bucks to have them do it
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I agree with slickshift on this one, I can't think of a tool most people would already own that could do this for you.
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I have removed one like this with a large pipe wrench.
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what you can do if you want to do it yourself is cut a grove across it, so it looks kind of like the head of a screw, then take an air chisel and walk it around. if you do not have an air chisel, i would not recommend trying this.
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The chisel trick Does work. Me and my Dad did this to our 95 caprice when my younger brother cleaned out the car and through the special adapter piece away.

My mom was driving it about 15 miles away and she called and said she ran into a curb. So me and my dad went over to change the tire, she had ripped a nice big hole in the side wall. Well anyways no security key out in the middle of nowhere but my dad had his tools with him. A cold steel chisel and a two pound hammer.

I agree with OUR442 though, If you don't have one then you should probably not try this. These things can be dangerous, to yourself and the car.
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You can snap stud off with sluge hammer and put in new stud but I do not like doing this unless all alse fails. good luck.
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Thanks to all. I might be able to get a pipe wrench on it, will give it a try. The sledge hammer could work, but would be worried about damaging the rim. Its not the origional rim, someone installed some "mag" type wheels before I bought it. Will see what happens with the pipe wrench.
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If you have enough space you can use a gadget called a nut breaker. Here's a pic of one:

The one shown is from Sears but you might also find one at an auto parts store.
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Anti-theft nut

If all else fails, you can do what the thieves do.
Remove all other nuts and set the car down slowly with the jack. The stud will snap off. Obviously, you will have to replace it. Until you can replace it, you can run on 4 lugs if it is a 5 lug wheel.
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I have done it before with vice grips. (Not fun)
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If you know somebody w/ a welder, they can weld a bolt onto it and then you thread on a couple nuts, tighten them together, then remove the lock nut/bolt/nut combo.

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