bad noise from front end


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bad noise from front end

my 93 grand am (2.3L SOHC, auto, fwd, 24k original miles) has been making a bad noise when going over any large bump or dip or anything that would cause the front end to move up and down a significant amount. It does not do this under normal potholes or anything, but when i go over a crossroad, or one of the speed hills at school (little hills instead of bumps, about 7 feet long and 6 in high) The noise is sounds like it is coming from the front passenger wheel/suspension area and sounds like something stuck breaking loose that does not want move. sort of sounds/feels like the same type of sound made when you break a large rusty bolt loose. Ive tried to bounce the front passenger side of the car when parked, but it does not make the noise, or keep bouncing after I stopped, like a bad shock/strut might. Any ideas?

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Check front strut spring as i have have had to change a lot of them in the grand ams. Springs brake easy on these cars.
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Concur with our442

I agree with our442, I had a simular problem with a car I owned in the past, I changed the struts and the problem went away. If you do it yourself to save money, make sure you take the car and get an alignment.

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you should probably take it to a front end shop to have the front end checked out they may be able to tell you what the problem is while there is a good chance it is strut or mount related atleast you will know for sure and whether the vehicle is safe to drive or not.

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