'98 Camry ABS light


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'98 Camry ABS light

1998 Camry, 4 cyl., auto, 115,000 miles.
ABS light stays on. Using manual I see it's a code 26 - SMC2 short or open, check ABS actuator or curcuit. That's as far as the manual goes. I don't know what to look for from this little bit of info. Can anyone help. Thanks.
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Check wheel sensors. Did not find your car listting but this will be close to give you idea.http://www.autozone.com/servlet/UiBr...3d8016c18d.jsp
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My first guess would be wheel sensors also. You may go by local Oreilly store and ask if they have the eautorepair.net available or you can get it yourself at www.eautorepair.net and get it for a little of nothing.

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